About the iConscious Assessment 

The iConscious Assessment is a test we created to understand human development in Consciousness, Uniqueness, Mind, Emotions, and Body. 

When people grow in all five of these areas at the same time, wellness, engagement, and self-actualization increases. If any of these domains is neglected, it will hold back development in the other four.

Focusing on your mental development but not growing emotionally will cause your relationships to suffer. If you develop emotional intelligence but neglect Uniqueness, you won’t feel personally fulfilled in using your gifts or feel engaged with work.

Model Overview

Our model of human development is the core of the assessment.

Many human development theories, models, and research separate evolution of consciousness from growth in personal domains. The iConscious Human Development Model integrates consciousness, uniqueness, mind, emotions, and body, and all four perspectives: subjective, objective, relational, and systemic to show how people grow in an integrated way.

The iConscious model is relatively age-independent, and focuses on how people shift between stages of development and how those shifts can be accelerated. This framework encourages bridges and connections between human development research, theories, and respected consciousness and wisdom traditions to show commonalities.

Research Charts

Research is at the core of our model.

The material in the first 7 stages of the iConscious Model is based on the work of prominent human development researchers and theorists including O’Fallon, Beck & Cowan, Goleman, Mayer-Salovey, Gebser, Kegan, Loevinger, Maslow, Kohlberg, and Piaget. The material in stages 8-14 are based in our own experience of working with thousands of clients over many decades. We have broken this information in our 5 Domains, so you can easily understand how people develop in each, and how whole-Being development can happen in an integrated way.

Research charts


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Sign up for a free account to see the full model.

Domains are the five major layers of our human experience. That comprise who we are, how we express ourselves, and how we show up in the world.


Views describe the four different perspectives we can have during any experience. This can change from moment to moment, but we tend to experience life primarily from one perspective.


Development describes the stages we go through as we progress to living our full potential.