Research Charts

Sometimes referred to simply as "human development," we define Conscious Human DevelopmentTM as the study of how human beings grow, mature, and integrate in all domains of experience – Consciousness, Uniqueness, Emotions, Mind, and Body – and all four views: Subjective, Objective, Relational, and Systemic. The chart below shows how the understandings of human development researchers and theorists as well as respected spiritual systems and how they map onto our model. Please click on the chart below to enlarge it. comparison-map-v5
Cook-Greuter (1999, p 14) elucidates human development models and how they tend to deal specifically with one of three branches. Those three theories are usually based on 1) “phases” of development (by age ranges), 2) traits according to personality, and 3) stage theories according to meaning making, ego development, and identity evolution. The iConscious model is relatively age-independent, and focuses on how identity shifts, and how those changes affect human needs and development in all domains - including personality - both individually and relationally. We find that most human development theories, models, and research separate consciousness evolution from growth in the human domains. Also, in the human domains, different researchers have focused on different “lines” or aspect of development. The iConscious Human Development Model integrates these perspectives and provides a framework for all age-independent models. comparison-domain-map