Our Founders


Carole Griggs, Ph.D.

Carole is co-founder of and faculty co-lead teacher of the iConscious Coaches and Leaders program. She's an executive coach, leadership development consultant, university professor, international speaker, author/writer, and developer of transformative technology tools focused on human potential and consciousness evolution.

Carole is a pioneer and leader in the areas of professional coaching, human potential and consciousness evolution, and the intersection and integration of technology. Carole is the founder and CEO of Carole Griggs Enterprises, LLC ( She is co-founder of iConscious: accelerating human potential ( and the iConscious Human Development model and assessment, a comprehensive and integrative meta-framework and assessment researched and developed to accelerate the process of maximizing full human potential both individually and collectively. Carole has also been an integral part of Loving AI (, an important Artificial Intelligence research project. Dr. Griggs is a professor and course developer for John F. Kennedy's Masters program in Consciousness and Transformative Studies department - teaching Human Development and the Evolution of Consciousness, and is the author of Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches.

Carole holds a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Professional Coaching and Human Development, a Masters degree in Education, and a Bachelors degree in Science.

Carole’s mission is to help streamline and accelerate conscious human development for the evolution of humanity’s full potential, and create various educational platforms and technology tools to help scale this process to where we live in a world in which awakening - in all domains - is the new normal.

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Ted Strauss

Ted is cofounder of and has been a writer and teacher of awakening for over 45 years. For 10 years he taught Transcendental Meditation, helping hundreds to awaken consciousness. After decades of deeper searching and transformation in his personal domains, he then spent 19 years building the foundations of the Waking Down work, including designing and presenting core dharma workshops and the mentor and teacher training programs.

During that time, he worked very personally with thousands of students to assist their whole being awakening process. Simultaneously, Ted experimented with many ways of mapping personal development. Through this experience, Ted has discovered ways to streamline awakening and personal development, enabling most aspirants to experience major shifts in days or months instead of years or lifetimes. He also integrates his experience with computer programming to create electronic means for accelerating personal and collective unfoldment.

Ted has been a major player in the Loving AI project, using AI to support awakening using the iConscious human development model as a dialog framework. His Magic Eraser and other techniques are becoming known through Sophia the famous robot, when using the Loving AI protocol. Ted is dedicated to accelerating human evolution on a global scale.

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