Accelerating Conscious Human Development™

We are working to create a world in which it is normal for all beings to awaken in all domains (Consciousness, Uniqueness, Emotions, Mind, and Body), powerfully bring their gifts to the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness. iConscious uses interactive digital media, coaching, AI and other means to accelerate humanity’s conscious human development. Learn more…

Our Story

We’ve spent decades working with thousands of clients to assist their most direct and integrated development and awakening. The more we worked with people at all stages, the more passionate we became about encoding this evolutionary process and making it accessible to millions of people. To accomplish our purpose, we created a new model that integrates our own research with other research in the fields of consciousness evolution and human development.

A Transformative New Model

This model describes what we see as the average description (a meta-perspective) of Conscious Human Development; one that all people are engaged with at various levels and stages. We developed this model to make the process accessible, understandable, and practical, and to eliminate unnecessary detours along the way. We invite you to explore the model, take our guided self assessment to locate your evolutionary edges, and engage in the iConscious Interactive Model to discover how to personally accelerate your conscious human development process.

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