iConscious Coaches

Welcome to the iConscious Coaches!

We are very proud of our graduates, each of which fulfilled all requirements to earn the title Certified iConscious Coach. Feel free to contact any of them, especially if you've already done the online iConscious Assessment. They will offer you a free session to refine your results and offer you practices that will accelerate your development very directly.


Dr. Carole Griggs and Ted Strauss

Iconscious Coaches

In 2021, We began training and certifying iConscious coaches through the iConscious Coaches and Leaders Program. We are proud to list our coaches here. If you've recently taken the iConscious Assessment, any of these coaches would be happy to offer you a free session to refine the results and offer you practices that will most directly accelerate your development based on your evolutionary locations.

William Miller iConscious Coach, Heart Awakening Teacher, Trillium Awakening Teachers Circle, Therapist

Chris Parker Transformational Coach

James Trofatter iConscious Coach, Trillium Awakening Teacher, Realization Process Teacher, Shamanic Energy worker

MariliisM Astrologer & iConscious Coach

Maritta Transformational Coach and Therapist

Michael Kanarek Organizational Culture,
Learning Environments,
& Leader Coaching;
iConscious Coach;
Principal Methods Designer for the iConscious Coaches and Leaders Program;
Certified Therapeutic Game Master

Peter Juhasz Transformational Breakthrough Mentor

Renee Marie iConscious Coach

Stormie iConscious Coach

Ted Strauss iConscous Co-Founder and Lead designer for Coach Training

Tara Wernsing Soul Scientist