Vision To shift global culture such that it is normal for all people to awaken in all domains, embody their full potential, live in deeply attuned collective consciousness, and co-create in ways that benefit all beings. Mission Our mission is to:
  • Gather, organize, and make accessible the world's wisdom and information about conscious human development to most effectively support individuals, organizations, and cultures in their process of evolving and thriving.
  • Accelerate conscious human development in all domains (consciousness, uniqueness, emotions, mind, body), through all 3 phases of growth (dual, unified, singular), and all 4 Views (subjective, objective, relational, systemic).
  • Deploy platforms worldwide to serve individual and collective evolution with assessment tools, crowd-sourced information, support, and practices, at a scale sufficient to shift global culture.
  • Support other transformative technologies and enterprises through the use of our data and model.
  • Continuously evolve and unfold the iConscious mode, create new applications, and build bridges with other human development schools, systems, and research projects.