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Michael Kanarek

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Principal Methods Designer for the iConscious Coaches and Leaders Program

Michael Kanarek

Welcome Message

Hi! I appreciate your care, interest. and curiosity in being here.

If you're at this page, you've probably had experiences of seeing how a shift into more choice and more clarity arises, from more consciousness of your own past patterns of behaviors, beliefs, relationships, and paradigms. It's not just "thinking out of the box". Seeing the edges of the box helps to step out of it.

You also may have had experiences in a relationship, where holding the other and yourself with clarity, creates a mutuality between people that has its own character and sense of energy, an "us".

And you may have experienced support circles of friends where you can feel the supportive energy of the circle, built with clear intention on shared beliefs, purposes, and paradigms.

Organizations are like that too. (And learning environments are a subset.) People and buildings and desks and paperwork may have physical reality, but at their essence...

Organizations are Imaginary.

They are built from boxes, of patterns of behavior and beliefs, from cultural and personal paradigms, from what we hold mutually in relationships, and from holding the energy of the overlapping circles of people in them. We imagine them into existence and maintain them with what we imagine, ongoing.

I greatly enjoy sharing a dive into these paradigms to help you, me, and your organization shift into clarity about what is, what may be possible, and how to move there.

I'd love to join you in deepening your own awareness and presence to "what is", which includes deepening your understanding of what your life's or mission's or organization's needs and challenges and resources and relationships are, and from that platform of awareness, help you to create realizations and frames and paradigms and practices and tools and plans and relationships and culture among people, to move the world and you where you'd like to take them.