This is a video of a webinar Carole and Ted presented 9/24/19 about how the iConscious model can help transform your life, your coaching, and your leadership. it also includes a brief explanation of the main dimensions of the model.










This video shows highlights from the Loving AI project we have been involved with. In this project, we wrote dialog for the AI Agent using the iConscious model.










New whole model of conscious evolution and loving artificial intelligence:

Below is a presentation Carole gave at the Buddhism and New Technology conference in Shanghai, summer 2017:

Here's a not-to-be-missed Ted (Strauss) talk to a group in Santa Fe, NM. Ted talks about his personal life quest to understand the mysteries of life and humans, and gives an enlightening exercise that simultaneously awakens consciousness and moves it toward the Unified phase of the iConscious model. Have fun!

Here's a demo of the work we've been doing for the Loving AI project, designing evolution-based dialog content for Sophia, a famous robot made by Hanson Robotics:

Dr. Carole Griggs @ Woodenfish Shanghai 2017

Ethics of Transformation Tech

Here's a basic intro video to our map:

Here's a video of some of the discussion after our initial presentation, including conversation with the president of Sofia University:

This is an awesome interview with Mikey Siegel - founder of Consciousness Hacking --that we used parts of for our JFK University course, on technology and the evolution of consciousness. If you're interested in how technology is presently used and may be used in the future to accelerate human development, you won't want to miss this.