Our Purpose, Mission, and Vision

    Our purpose is to accelerate conscious human development for the evolution of humanity’s full potential. Our mission is to create coaching and educational offerings based on the iConscious Human Development Model. And our Vision is to help create a world in which it is normal for all beings to awaken in all domains, powerfully bring their gifts to the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness.

    Our Motivation

    Together, we’ve spent decades working with thousands of clients and students to assist their most direct development in all domains of life. The more we worked with people at all stages, the more inspired and deeply passionate we became about streamlining this evolutionary process and making it accessible to millions of people.

    We are motivated to reduce human suffering and the suffering we unconsciously cause our planet. We also wanted to help all people grow into living their fullest potential, so humanity can express maximum love, happiness, and creativity.

    To accomplish our purpose, we felt compelled to create a new model that more accurately and completely describes our experience of how people grow in an integrated way, while aligning with leading edge research. After more than two years of work, the result is the iConscious Model. This model describes what we see as a universal journey; one that all people are engaged with at various levels and stages. We developed this model to make the process accessible, understandable, and practical, and to eliminate unnecessary detours along the way. We invite you to explore the model, locate your evolutionary edges, and discover how to accelerate your conscious human development process.

    What makes iConscious so effective at accelerating development?

    • Integrative. In our experience, integration is the heart of acceleration. If development is lagging in any particular Domain, it will slow the development of all other domains or create an imbalance that will impact integrity and the experience of wholeness.
    • Holistic. We have integrated 3 major dimensions of human evolution: Development (stages of growth), Domains (5 arenas of our Being, including Consciousness, Design, Emotion, Mind, and Body), and Views (perspectives, including Subjective, Objective, Relational, and Systemic).
    • Accessible. To make this integrated process accessible to ordinary people, we had to simplify the entire thing. The process had to be represented in a clear visual model. We wanted this model to be so clear that it would help to detangle the previous confusions between dimensions of growth and dimensions of existence. We also had to clearly explain our terms and use words that work for students and teachers of spiritual and nondual schools, as well as academics and researchers of conscious human development.
    • Detailed. Our map is very detailed about how growth occurs in each domain, enabling us to offer specific practices we have found to be most effective for each domain in every chapter.
    • Complete. By illuminating the full extent of conscious human development, people can understand and see the territory, avoid common detours, and progress more directly.
    • Evidence-Based. We wanted our model to have the academic and researched depth so we can bridge the gap between students and teachers of nonduality and academics and researchers of human development. It’s clear to us that in our technology-driven world, the connection must clearly be drawn between the spiritual and the scientific, between consciousness and our humanity. We believe this is the best foundation for our work, which is geared toward making it normal (and common) for people to rapidly mature into living their deepest potential.


    We offer educational services to colleges and universities in the form of curriculum development and online and in-person course presentation.We have recently created a masters level course for John F. Kennedy University for the Consciousness and Transformative Studies department. This course educates students about the field of conscious human development based on our model, including the study of over two dozen other researchers and theorists and their models and frameworks. For more information about this course at JFK, please click here.The course will debut January 2017.  

    Other Offerings

    • Partnering with consciousness and human development leaders, researchers, academic institutions, and corporations.
    • In-person and online workshops
    • A comprehensive model of the conscious human development process to support individualized exploration. This will soon include memberships with access to practices, forums, and detailed information about each Field within the model.
    • Private sessions to help you locate yourself on the map and discover your current edges, and to support your ongoing, integrative process.