What is iConscious?

    Based on decades of experience with thousands of students and leading edge research on human evolution, we have developed a model that clearly illuminates the journey of conscious awakening and living your full potential. This model describes what we see as a universal journey; one that all people are engaged with at various levels and stages. We developed this model to make the process accessible, understandable, and practical, and to eliminate unnecessary detours along the way. We invite you to explore the model, locate your evolutionary edges, and discover how to accelerate your WholeBeing awakening process.

    Development Models

    Models of consciousness and human development have been around for thousands of years (click here to see our comparison chart). The maps and models we have researched tend to be exclusively focused on transpersonal development (awakening consciousness) or personal development (mind, heart, and/or body). We created the Griggs-Strauss Model to make clear how all domains of human experience grow and integrate over time, and to help students, teachers, and coaches understand how lack of integration causes imbalanced development and integrity issues.

    We also felt that the most advanced stages of current models of consciousness would benefit from more detailed elucidations and definitions accessible to the general public. The model we created is the first we are aware of that incorporates development in all major domains, individually and relationally, and through the full extent of maturation currently visible.

    How does iConscious Accelerate Development?

    • Through integration. Integration is the heart of acceleration. If development is lagging in any particular domain, it will slow the development of all other domains or create an imbalance that will impact integrity and the experience of wholeness.
    • Our map is very detailed about how growth occurs in each domain, enabling us to offer specific practices we have found to be most effective for each domain in every chapter.
    • Complete development demands that we engage in the world, not just develop individually. This framework offers both individual and relational perspectives and practices.
    By illuminating the full extent of conscious human development, people can and understand and see the territory, avoid common detours, and progress more directly. 


    We are committed to creating a world in which it is normal for all beings to awaken in all domains, powerfully bring their gifts to the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness.


    We offer the following services to support your conscious awakening and development:

    • Partnering with consciousness and human development leaders, researchers, academic institutions, and corporations.
    • Offering educational services to colleges and universities in the form of curriculum development and online and in-person course presentation.
    • A comprehensive model of the conscious human development process that supports individualized exploration
    • Private sessions:
    – to help you locate yourself on the map and discover your current edges
    – to support your ongoing awakening process