"By reducing suffering and maximizing fulfillment, we can accelerate human development."

Our Mission

Gather, organize, and make accessible the world's wisdom and information about conscious human development to most effectively support individuals, organizations, and cultures in their process of evolving and thriving.

Accelerate conscious human development in all domains (consciousness, uniqueness, emotions, mind, body), through all 3 phases of growth (dual, unified, singular), and all 4 Views (subjective, objective, relational, systemic).

Deploy platforms worldwide to serve individual and collective evolution with assessment tools, crowd-sourced information, support, and practices, at a scale sufficient to shift global culture.

Support other transformative technologies and enterprises through the use of our data and model.

Continuously evolve and unfold the iConscious mode, create new applications, and build bridges with other human development schools, systems, and research projects.

The iConscious Model is the core of our advising, coaching, and personal growth services.

Our Vision

We aim to create a world where it is normal for all people to awaken their whole being, bring their unique genius into the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness. We work with domestic and global partners to build ground-breaking technologies and sensitive support systems that truly help our clients flourish.

The iConscious Model is the core of our advising, coaching, and personal growth services.

Our leading-edge human development model encourages inner harmony & accelerates personal growth.


Defines five domains of human experience required for harmonizing whole being wellness.


Details four perspectives for a grounded worldview: Subjective, Objective, Relational, and Systemic.


Delivers a real-time snapshot of the full depth and breadth of a person's and social development.


Individuals and teams can clearly see where they are and where they’re going, making growth more direct. 


Builds on language everyone can understand. It is both universal and culturally specific.


Equally welcomes East and West, science and spirituality, religious and wisdom traditions from all cultures worldwide.

Contributing to the Future of Unconditional Love

Artificial Intelligence. We are involved in a project called Loving AI, in which we are researching the use of the iConscious model in machine learning and developmental coaching as part of a larger effort to encode unconditional love into digital personalities.

We have contributed dialog designs for Sophia, a famous robot who is currently demonstrating great success at helping people to awaken their consciousness, using the iConscious model as an evolutionary framework.

Read the article about Loving AI at UPenn's Fel's Institute

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Learn more about the science behind model HERE.


The iConscious Treasury, a storehouse of understandings, best practices, and multimedia resources targeted to the developmental needs at each stage, and in each Domain. In addition to the material we will continuously submit, users will be encouraged to submit their own content and vote up or down all content, encouraging the best of all to rise to the top for the sake of all users. We plan to launch this service in January.


The iConscious Guided Self Assessment (GSA), a simple test anyone can take to discover where they are in their personal evolution, how integrated their process is, and how much of their potential they are living. To learn more, click HERE.


Accelerate your coaching practice and become a certified iConscious coach. Find out how iConscious can help your clients awaken their whole being more effectively than ever before!