Explore the map by scrolling horizontally. Best viewed on tablet or desktop browser. If you have recently joined and are unable to view the full model, please clear your browser cache and log in again. If you still have visibility issues, please email support@iconscious.global for further assistance. Please first read the Introduction Model page to best understand this model. On this version, there is one statement for the 4 Views in each domain field. In a future interactive online version, we will show the description and expand on the understanding of each View. This map reveals the overarching growth trajectories discovered through decades of experience, research, and observation. The depth and breadth of the map allows for the unique challenges and complexities of your unique awakening process, while encouraging balance across all layers. The map condenses a vast wealth of ancient and contemporary knowledge into a system that helps you locate your current growth edges and develop rapidly from there. Researchers, academics, philosophers, and developmental theorists that have influenced our work include the following: Erickson, Fowler, Kohlberg, Piaget, Kegan, Maslow, Gebser, Graves, Cowen-Beck, Loevinger, Cook-Greuter, O'Fallon, Aurobindo, Zen, Daoism, and Ken Wilber. To see a chart comparing these models to ours, please click Research.