A Closer Look at the Model

The iConscious Guided Self Assessment is a test instrument we created to understand human development in Consciousness.

When people grow in all five of these areas at the same time, wellness, engagement, and self-actualization increases. If any of these domains is neglected, it will hold back development in the other four.

Focusing on your mental development or your team's, but not growing emotionally will cause your relationships to suffer. If you develop emotional intelligence but neglect Uniqueness, you won’t feel personally fulfilled in using your gifts or feel engaged with work. 

Our assessment measures development in these key areas: 

Development is organized on the horizontal axis and grouped into to 3 major phases: 1), Dual, 2) Unified, and 3) Singular. The model further breaks each phase into stages, each of which describes a significant stage of development.

We  evolve in 3 important dimensions: 1) Development, 2) Domains, and 3) Views. The Domains are five important areas of our life that we encounter every day: Consciousness, Design, Emotion, Mind, and Body. These five domains are arranged on the left side of the map (the vertical axis).