The purpose of the iConscious Human Development Model is to show how we evolve in 3 important dimensions: 1) Development, 2) Domains, and 3) Views. The Domains are  five important areas of our life that we encounter every day: Consciousness, Design, Emotion, Mind, and Body. These five domains are arranged on the left side of the map (the vertical axis) in approximate order of subtlety from unmanifest awareness to concretely manifest physicality. Development is organized on the horizontal axis and grouped into to 3 major phases: 1), Dual, 2) Unified, and 3) Singular. The model further breaks each phase into stages, each of which describes a significant stage of development.

Also on the vertical axis you can see our 4 Views, which correspond with Wilber's 4 quadrants. Subjective represents the interior experience of the individual, such as what we're thinking feeling, or knowing.Objective represents the exterior of the individual, such as observable behaviors and measurable aspects of physiology. Relational represents the interior experiences of our relatedness with others, such as shared feelings, experiences, or ideas.  Systemic represents collective or systems views of the environment of the individual, such as political, cultural, or economic systems. We're showing the 4 Views on this page, but in the full Interactive Model, the 4 Views will be addressed in the Treasury resources inside the model.

Please note the left-most column, which shows that Consciousness is the most transpersonal end of the spectrum of our human experience, and the other domains are all personal and unique to each individual. Once you understand this introductory view of our system, feel free to study the more detailed version of the model on the MODEL page.

For a Glossary of Terms, please click HERE. To see our full Interactive Model, please click HERE.