Accelerate your growth

and experience maximum success in a deeply meaningful life.

The iConscious framework accelerates direct progress to your authentic self.  If you are a coach, leader, HR director, mentor, consultant, or parent, iConscious will help you guide those in your care to be their best selves.


In our experience, integration is the heart of acceleration. If development is lagging in any particular Domain, it will slow the development of all other domains or create an imbalance that will impact integrity and the experience of wholeness.


We have integrated 3 major dimensions of human evolution: Development (stages of growth), Domains (5 arenas of our Being, including Consciousness, Design, Emotion, Mind, and Body), and Views (perspectives, including Subjective, Objective, Relational, and Systemic).


Our model makes our Treasury of resources easily accessible, without having to understand its depth of research and philosophy. Simply take the GSA to find your opportunity for growth edges. Find and click on your results in the model. You’ll have everything you need to accelerate your development.


Our map is very detailed about how growth occurs in each domain, enabling us to offer specific practices we have found to be most effective for each domain in every Stage.


By illuminating the full extent of conscious human development, people can understand and see the territory, avoid common detours, and progress more directly.

Research & Theory

We’ve combined decades of experience helping thousands of students to evolve in integrated ways along with our study and background knowledge of 100+ systems and models of consciousness and human development.